By selecting Commissionaires as your security provider, you are engaging a first-class security team offering a unique combination of integrity, transparency, experience, and innovation. We have protected people and property for public and private sector clients for nearly 100 years in Southern Ontario. With the highest retention rate in the industry, our dedicated workforce is committed to going beyond what is expected.


With high employee satisfaction comes strong customer loyalty and new opportunities that further allow us to create meaningful employment for our Commissionaires. We consistently score high on our customer surveys and have received service excellence awards across our client sites. Although we are known for managing complex and sensitive government facilities across Canada, over 70% of our business in southern Ontario come from medium size to large commercial clients.


At Commissionaires, our mission is to provide premium security services with excellent customer service and service delivery excellence. While many will try to provide the lowest price possible, we believe this does not serve our customers’ best interest, since pricing is simply a function of the requirements. If a proponent is offering a price at a deep discount, it has been our experience those providers have significant issues with service delivery, employee retention, and client satisfaction.

By providing compassion and care for our employees, we have solidified an employee retention rate that is 17 times that of the industry standard. We provide a working environment that respects its team members and offers opportunities for enriching skill-sets, career advancement, thereby allowing Commissionaires to achieve professional and personal goals.


Our mandate is to create meaningful and challenging employment opportunities for former members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, their families and others who wish to contribute to the security and well-being of Canadians. Our military tradition binds many of our Commissionaires, veteran and civilian alike. We have established a corporate culture rooted in camaraderie, shared purpose and service excellence. Our reputation extends the ethos common within military culture – integrity, honesty, service excellence and pride.

As a not-for-profit organization governed by a social mandate, we pursue prospective clients and employees with shared common values. Our value proposition is rooted in a simple idea that being caring and compassionate organization will translate into exceptional service delivery and strong customer satisfaction while ensuring we recover our costs to deliver the service.


All Commissionaires are provided with required security training, covering a wide variety of topics, including interpersonal skills, crisis management, medical response, technical development, regulatory compliance, and response planning, to equip them with a foundation to translate theory into practice for all sites.

We view ongoing security training not as a compliance exercise, but as a critical component towards seamless service delivery and customer satisfaction. Our security professionals continuously demonstrate good judgement, discretion, and problem solving skills to handle complex and sensitive situations.