Commissionaires Great Lakes is a not-for-profit organization, providing Southern Ontario with a wide variety of services, ranging from professional security services for corporate clients, to training, identification services and non-core policing for the general public. Our mission is to continue to make Canada a safer place. 

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As a not-for-profit organization, our longstanding mission is to provide veterans with meaningful, engaging work tailored to their unique skill sets. Whether you’re looking for a job as a stepping stone from your military service or a long-term career, Commissionaires can provide the corporate culture to help you grow.

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At Commissionaires, we pride ourselves on our excellent service, and that is all thanks to the high caliber of employees that we employ. We strive to continually be an Employer of First Choice, by advocating for fair wages and benefits, and exceeding all industry standards.

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Since 1925, Commissionaires Great Lakes has been seen as a provider of top-tier security services – a history that we are proud of, and one we continue to build upon. We believe in providing both our clients with the highest quality service and training within the industry. When we partner with new organizations, we select those who place a premium on attracting, and retaining, highly qualified professionals.

Our identification, process serving, identification and training services are all available to individuals.