The origins of Commissionaires dates back to 1859 when former Crimean War veterans were hired to deliver “commissions” (financial and legal documents) around London, England. After the First World War, the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires was established in 1925 to provide gainful employment for veterans of the Canadian Forces, and has played a vital role in our national heritage.

During the Second World War, the Canadian Commissionaires provided invaluable public services, including the protection and security of war plants, airfields, and public utilities. From 1945 onwards, the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires has been seen as the leading provider of Public Services within Canada, and has been providing national security excellence since.

Commissionaires Great Lakes was one of the first regional branches of the Canadian Commissionaires, established in the same year as our national organization. For more than 90 years, Commissionaires Great Lakes has protected people and property in Southern Ontario, in both the private and public sectors.

We are a private, not­-for-­profit Canadian company governed by a mandate to continue to provide meaningful employment for the people who have served our country. Our continued focus on our employees’ success and growth has ensured that our team is exceptionally well trained, and well supported. Subsequently, we pride ourselves in having the highest retention rate in the industry, which in turn provides exceptional service to our clients.


Commissionaires was built with the core methodology to serve the Federal Government of Canada, while mandated to provide meaningful employment to veterans. Throughout our history, we have safeguarded federal infrastructures and provided customer service as ambassadors to all those who utilize these facilities. Historically, a large portion of our business has come from federal contracts granting Commissionaires the right of first refusal. This was established in 1925 to provide veterans during World War I and World War II meaningful employment opportunities as they transitioned from military to civilian life. Almost a century later, our ethos has not changed.

Although nationally, Commissionaires has a large footprint with over 21,000 employees across Canada, regional divisions have been given autonomy to diversify their client base beyond federal contracts to be more responsive to local market conditions and provide greater opportunities for our employees. Resulting from our organic growth, we have expanded to serve many commercial clients outside of the federal government. Today, our clients require flexibility, implementation of technology, customer service, and cutting edge training programs. Our expansion and continued growth have provided Commissionaires the opportunity to adapt our service offerings, and deliver a relevance in the marketplace that is second to none.