From digital fingerprinting to traditional ink-and-roll, Commissionaires can handle your fingerprinting needs quickly and professionally. Commissionaires is accredited by the RCMP and was the first to adopt the RCMP LiveScan digital fingerprint technology.

Thanks to LiveScan, your information will go directly from our offices to the RCMP, meaning no re-routing, no third parties, and no wasted time. This reduces the RCMP process time to as little as 72 hours and your information remains private from start to finish.

To see information about our offices (location, parking/bus info, payment types) visit the Contact Us page.

Digital fingerprinting is a fast, efficient way to get criminal record results directly from the RCMP. Commissionaires transmits digital fingerprints directly to the RCMP using LiveScan, a safe, secure and fast processing technology. If you’re free of convictions, results can be turned around in 72 hours. Processing times can take up to 120 days for parties with prior convictions. 

To limit the spread of Coronavirus, we are not offering this service at this time.

Let us come to you to take care of your criminal record check and fingerprinting needs.

Commissionaires Great Lakes can bring the ease and convenience of mobile identification services to your door. Originally created to serve our corporate clients, now our friendly, knowledgeable staff can travel to your location to complete individual fingerprinting, pardons or collect information for criminal background checks. We can process as little as one customer, or do up to large groups of individuals for a cost-effective group rate.
For travel outside of our major service areas, additional charges will be calculated based on mileage.

Vulnerable Sector checks must begin at your local police station. Where digital fingerprinting services are unavailable, Commissionaires are accredited by the RCMP to perform fingerprinting for a Vulnerable Sector check. Where only traditional ink-and-roll fingerprinting is available, Commissionaires can convert these to digital format and submit them to the RCMP. Digital prints will have results processed in 72 hours if no convictions are found, compared to 120 days for ink-and-roll prints.

If you require a Canadian police records check by fingerprints, but currently reside outside of Canada, Commissionaires can help. We have a scan to digital service that will allow us to use your ink fingerprints, taken in the country where you are, and convert them to a digital submission to the RCMP, which will get your results to you in days not weeks.

Fingerprinting may be used to obtain a certified criminal record check, which may be required for:

  • Employment or pre-employment screening, security clearance, controlled goods
  • Citizenship, work visa, permanent residency and immigration applications
  • Adoption applications
  • Record suspensions (pardons) and US Entry Waivers
  • Security guard licenses
  • Medicinal marijuana licensed producers
  • Vulnerable sector applications
  • International processing of Canadian criminal record checks

Applicants must bring two pieces of valid, current government-issued identification, and one must be a photo ID. It is recommended that applicants bring with them a letter or file number from the requesting source, if applicable. All digital fingerprinting requests for Canadian Citizenship must include a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, including the address for third party results and CIC file number. Please ensure this letter is available during the fingerprinting application session. 

Valid, current ID that we accept:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Permanent resident card
  • Certificate of Indian status
  • Immigration documents i.e. work or study permits
  • Military Family ID card (MFID)
  • Record of Landing for Citizenship Applicant
  • Certificate of live birth
  • Nexus card

An additional RCMP processing fee of $25.00 will be collected for some transactions. Click here to see which transactions require this fee.

Digital Fingerprints
All Locations – $57.50 + RCMP fee if applicable*

Ink-and-Roll Fingerprints (To limit the spread of Coronavirus, we are not offering this service at this time)
All locations – $57.50*

Vunerable Sector Check Digital Fingerprints [Police Referral MANDATORY]
All Locations – $57.50 + RCMP fee if applicable*  ‡

International Ink to Digital Fingerprint Conversion
All Locations – $150 + RCMP fee if applicable*  †

*Prices do not include taxes

†Please email [email protected] to arrange/book this service

‡If police referral not brought to the appointment we are unable to complete this service. Please select either Digital Fingerprint – Private Employment or Digital Fingerprint – Volunteer, depending upon the reason the service is required.