Ontario Security Guard Training Course

Commissionaires offers Ontario security guard training.
Prepare your employees for the new changes. Satisfy new training requirements for security training and prepare for testing.

Individual employees are now responsible to apply for a security guard licence and will be required to have successfully completed basic security training and passed the official Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Private Security and Investigative Services (PSISA) test prior to applying for a licence.

Commissionaires Great Lakes can help your employees meet the requirements for security guard training and help them prepare for testing. We can improve chances for success with our comprehensive course curriculum, our expert instruction and our student-focused, interactive learning environment. Students will come away with the necessary theoretical and practical information to work even more effectively as a security professional in your organization.

Why Your Employees Should Take This Course

In order to qualify to apply for a security guard and / or private investigator licence, your employees must first take 40 hours of basic security training from an approved training provider and also pass a test delivered through the Ministry. Our course has been developed using the Ministry’s guidelines and we qualify as trainers under The Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSISA).

Commissionaires Great Lakes is known for our training excellence in the security industry. We’ve developed a course to train students to the highest possible standards and prepare them for the required testing.

Our training style is informative and interactive, using the real-life experiences of each student and our experienced instructors to provide a sound, relevant learning foundation focused on the success of each individual.

What They Will Learn

The Ontario Security Guard Course will satisfy the requirements set out by the Ministry and exceed them.

This 5-day (40 hours) course includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to the Security Industry; 
  • The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Ministry Code of Conduct;
  • Basic Security Procedures;
  • Report Writing;
  • Health and Safety;
  • Emergency Response Preparation;
  • Canadian Legal System;
  • Legal Authorities;
  • Effective Communication;
  • Sensitivity Training;
  • Use of Force Theory;
  • Emergency Level First Aid Certification.

Course Duration

The Ontario Security Guard Course course is 40 hours in length, spread over five days.

Course Locations

Our training courses are delivered at training centres located in Toronto, London and Barrie.

Toronto                                            London                                            Barrie
Commissionaires Commissionaires Comfort Inn & Suites 
80 Church Street 1730 Dundas Street   210 Essa Road
Toronto, ON M5C 2G1 London, ON N5W 3E2 Barrie, ON L4N 3L1
training.gl@commissionaires.ca training.gl@commissionaires.ca training.gl@commissionaires.ca

Course Cost

Course fee is $350 per student and includes all course materials. 

Contact one of our training professionals today to enquire about special group pricing.

Course Schedule

Please check the course registration page for specific dates in your area.

Course Registration

Register for individual training by completing our online training application form.

Contact one of our training professionals to discuss your specific training needs and to schedule group training.


These are some of the commonly asked questions. For more detailed information on the changes to the Act and on testing and licences, please visit The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website.

What is required to obtain a security licence?

  1. Complete 40 hours of basic security training (delivered by an approved training provider).
  2. Complete and pass the Ministry’s test, facilitated by Serco DES Inc. Serco DES Inc. is the Ministry’s test delivery vendor.
  3. Once you have completed the training course, you can book to write your test. You will need to book your test in advance either online or by phone. Contact Serco DES directly at http://www.ontariosecuritytesting.ca.  
  4. Upon successful completion of the test, Serco DES will advise whether or not you passed.
  5. If successful, apply to the Ministry for your licence.

Who should attend the security guard training course?

  • Individuals seeking employment in the security industry;
  • Those employed by organizations requiring their employees to be security trained and / or certified e.g., bodyguards, bouncers, and loss prevention personnel.

What are the minimum requirements to hold a security guard licence?

To be eligible for a licence, individuals must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Be eligible to work in Canada; and
  • Have no convictions for a prescribed offence for which you have not been granted a pardon.

Can individuals still get a licence if they have a criminal record?

Depending on their criminal record, individuals may not be eligible to hold a licence unless a pardon is obtained for the offense(s). Please visit the Act and Regulations section of the Ministry website to review the prescribed offences in the Clean Criminal Record regulation.

Not all the sections of the basic training curriculum apply to my employee’s job description. Why does the Ministry require the full course?

The training program set out by the Ministry ensures all security practitioners possess the necessary skills and knowledge, no matter what type of security work they do. Having everyone trained to the same basic level of knowledge ensures standards are consistent across Ontario.

What about my employees who are already security licensed?

Security guards whose annual licence renewal date is before July 15, 2010 received a grace period of one year. This means that this year, 2011, the licence holders must pass the test of their renewal.

Does Commissionaires administer the test?

The Ministry has engaged the services of by Serco DES Inc. to administer testing. For further information about test delivery and how to register please visit Serco’s website at www.ontariosecuritytesting.ca/

How will students be tested?

The required test will be a 60-question, 75-minute, paper-based, multiple-choice test. Individuals will have to register for the test and pay a $60 fee. They will be told whether they have passed or failed but will not be advised of their mark. There will be no limit (individuals must pay $60 each time) to the number of times a person can rewrite the test.

Why Commissionaires Great Lakes for training?

Commissionaires is known for our excellence in training. Our security guard training is delivered by Commissionaires’ subject matter experts who are qualified facilitators with extensive on-the-job experience. They are able to share real-life, relevant experiences bringing theory to life.

Commissionaires has earned a reputation as a security leader, having protected people and property across Canada for over 85 years. Our organization employs many individuals who are former military and RCMP. The caliber of security expertise of our people is second to none in the private security industry and you will reap the benefits.

As a national organization, we have trained more than 250,000 guards and have created employment opportunities for tens of thousands of graduates within Commissionaires. Commissionaires has the highest accreditation in the security training field (Canadian Federal Governments (CGSB) certification).

Register today with Commissionaires Great Lakes and we will prepare you to pass your Security Guard licence test. Our graduates enjoy increased employment opportunities due to the high standards to which we train.