Security Countermeasures For Loss Prevention

Security countermeasures are used to deter, detect, delay, deny and respond to incidents through a layered approach.  

Perimeter Security

  • Gates and fences are a first line of defence against unauthorized access;
  • Lighting: Install bright interior and exterior lighting to make all openings visible from both the outside and the inside of the premises;
  • Doors and Locks: Use approved doors and use high quality door locks. Keep seldom used doors and windows locked at all times;
  • Windows: Consider burglary resistant glass in accessible areas. Unbreakable polycarbonate or security window film may work even better if you have high value items in window displays;
  • Access Control: Sensors and CCTV provide detection and control. Use mirrors, cameras, or one-way glass to observe all areas of the store;
  • Key Control: Know who has a key and restrict access to the front door. Re-key the lock if a once-trusted employee is discharged for cause. Re-key locks annually if you have high turnover of employees. Consider a card access control system rather than keys;
  • Intrusion Alert: Install a good quality alarm system to detect unauthorized entry. Ensure your system includes alarm response from a reputable security company;
  • Security Patrols: Provides an additional layer of security and response to incidents.